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Announcing the "Real World API Series"

As I launch my new technical blog, I am going to share a real world example of building out the API for a potential startup venture I have been playing around with.

I will be seeking to deliver a couple of posts, with or without a companion screencast on YouTube, per week. The high level series will look like this:

  • Part 1: About the Project
    • We will highlight the project, its purpose and some high-level technical decisions
  • Part 2: API 101
    • Some basic best-practices around building an API from scratch
  • Part 3: Architecture Choices
    • The architecture, tools and frameworks that we will use to build the API
  • Parts 4-X: Technical Steps for Building and Launching the API
Joe Mack

Joe Mack

Joe Mack is the creator of this blog. He is an Enterprise Transformation consultant with over 30 years of leadership and technology experience.

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