Job Search After Action Review - Part 1

Job Search After Action Review - Part 1

This is Part 1 of a multi-part post reviewing my recent job search and putting down a few recommendations for others. It will hopefully serve as a good reminder, to myself at a minimum, to continue some of the good habits I developed, or reenergized, during my search.

It had been several years since I had the distinct pleasure of looking for a job FULL TIME. I have moved around a fair bit in my technology career, but very seldom have I been out of work, watching a severance slowly dwindle, stressing out more and more with each passing day, each blow-off, each rejection, and each delay.

It was no picnic. I was, on several occasions throughout the process, clinically depressed - of that I am sure. If I did not have what seemed like unlimited chauffeur responsibilities with the kids, I would have struggled to get the heck out of bed in the morning some days. It was bad.

I managed to avoid drinking regularly and/or heavily. Just an occasional sportsball celebratory beer for a key victory. The tippity-tappity of keys on a keyboard churning out semi-coherent thoughts always seems to calm me down. Plus, I have a job now, which has done wonders for the stress level. TBH - I had some pretty decent offers start coming toward the end of the search, so I have been in a pretty good place for a few months, after about 4 months of high stress. I hope the time removed from the stress has provided some additional perspective, which is the reason why I have waited until now to get my thoughts together and give something back, in case there was anyone else out there out of work and struggling.

Who knows? Maybe there is something in all of these twisted thoughts that might help someone else out. That's the plan, anyway.


Like most of my "self help" genre of blog posts, this entire series of posts will seek to provide new information only...or at least a new twist on a bit of old information. To that end, you may see familiar concepts throughout, that you have heard many times over the years about what to do to keep your wits about you when job searching. Hopefully, my take on them will make you think. Admittedly, that's a low bar. Like, even if you are thinking "who the hell is this nimrod and why do I care what is spewing out of his word hole," I have still made you think, after all.

Let's talk for a bit about what this post will NOT be. It's not going to be a "How to Look for a Job." First of all, there are literally thousands of online sources that seek to answer that very question, put out there by people much more qualified than me. Second of all, almost all of those online job search sources are, like the online sources for just about every damn thing else, probably mostly B.S.

I think there is just too much variance out there among all of the different possible fields in which you might operate and be looking for a job. And, every job search is, and should be, different, because every job SEEKER is different. Let's just say this (and believe me, this will be a common theme here) - focus on human interactions, relationships, and your network...not on another random online collection of tripe that some Startup McMoneyF*ck (tip of the brim to Kate Wagner) came up with that is the next best "where the jobs are." No. Thanks.

So, let's hit the other side -- what is this post going to be? For several months, I was looking for a job full time at the age of 50. Yep. Fitty. Lots of things were different this time than the last time I did this. I therefore learned quite a bit about myself and everything that I think I...nay, ANYONE looking for a job...should do during their job search. IMHO, you should do these things regardless of whatever field is yours.

Hopefully, there is at least one nugget you will find in here that will help you, not only if you are job searching, but if you are encountering any other sources of external stress in your life that you really can't do too much about.

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Hopefully, i will be able to use this to springboard into blogging more. It relaxes me.

Check out part 2 HERE.

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