Job Search After Action Review - Part 8

Job Search After Action Review - Part 8
Be Excellent

If you are in a job search, you are going to deal with rejection. Lots of it. It will wear on you and make you feel worthless.

Now is not the time to start piling on yourself.

Now is the time to realize your awesomeness.

I like to use the "Giving Constructive Criticism" blueprint from every Leadership 101 course or textbook. You know the one...start off with something positive, and then offer up the criticism. Cuz all people are stupid and easily tricked.

I have always hated this particular approach. If someone cannot handle me coming at them guns hot (warning, poop humor), then they most likely are not going to do well as a member of my team over time. I digress.

During this stressful time while you look for a job, approach your introspection the same way, but in reverse.

  1. Acknowledge Your Faults. Seriously. Take all the time required to think about the things you could be doing better now and in the future to help your job search and your career. Be brutally honest and pull no punches with yourself. Make a commitment with yourself to try to do better in those areas over time, and maybe even plan out some steps you can take. Do whatever you do when trying to accomplish your other goals. Now...turn the damn page.
  2. Recognize Your Awesomeness. Take a long look at everything good that you are doing. Take a look at everything good that has happened. Hell, take a victory lap and highlight it when you have a day where nothing bad happened, if that's what it takes.
  3. Embrace Your Awesomeness. Know what you are good at. Own it. Talk about it. Show it. Speak it. Live it. Harness that positive energy by thinking about and dwelling on what you are doing well, not where you are struggling.
  4. Exude Your Awesomeness. Think about what you are crushing during your job search. Think about it all the time. Write about it on a post-it note and put it on your monitor where you can see it. Keep positive self-messaging as part of your day, and you will be more confident and in a better mood...which will come across in your phone interviews as well as your in-person interviews. Keep the positive vibrations flowing.

Tree-huggery aside, there is absolutely power in positive thinking. This is especially true when it seems like everyone involved with your job search that is not you is lining up to figuratively kick you in the privates. At least, I HOPE that is happening figuratively. If not, you might want to consider a career change.

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